Questions about Rugby seven

This first week we want to open our new section with 3 questions about regulatory doubts that have arisen in the last games that our players have played. If you are the person who gets the most correct answers you can take a backpack from the Ubeda Atlantes Rugby Club for FREE.

Do not forget to comment with your name and your email your score, along with the screenshot of that result, and we will contact you if you are the winner of the backpack.

You have two weeks to participate. The contest closes on June 15, 2017 Good luck!

1/ How is the game restarted in a Rugby Seven match if, in a center throw, the ball comes out of the dead ball line?

2/ A forward ball is produced and a player of the same team who is out of play catches the ball. What should the referee declare?

3/ To perform a quick kick off of the side there are different requirements, such as that the ball is the same or only touched by the player who will perform it. If a ball touches an object (such as a light pole), can the quick serve be performed?

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