Chronicles of matches

I tournament Aspar city of Linares (Sub14 category)

This weekend, the youngest of the Ubeda Atlantes have played their first tournament. The tournament was in the city of Linares for a good cause, the fight against childhood cancer. The little Atlantes have faced the tournament like anyone on their first day, showing nerves, doubts, desire, enthusiasm, effort, delivery ... The team faced two sets of Jaén and the Iberians of Linares. It was seen that they still have a long way to go, as they were noticed the lack of experience in a large field and lack of competition, and although the score did not reward their effort, they did not give up.They fought from the first minute until the last of the match in the same way. They showed that rugby is much more than two simple numbers in a marker. They went to learn and have fun, and they managed to achieve their goals.

In the field you saw a group of friends that rugby has created and they enjoy playing. They lacked experience, placement and know all the plays that can occur in a match, but they showed that they are not afraid of contact, they showed that they are not afraid to make a tackle (although if fortune in some occasions) they were to make a tackle to each and every one of its rivals. They would not have the ball to attack, but defended like lions.

In the field a group of boys between 8 and 12 years old were seen against teams of 13 and 14, the difference of age was noticed, it seemed a David against Goliath and fortunately for this Goliath, David still does not know to use the sling, But it can be assured by what was demonstrated in the field that will learn to use it and that day the result of the match will not be the same.

We are proud of our childrens!